Saturday, August 6, 2011

அழகியசிங்கர் அனுக்ரஹபாஷணம் 19 + தேரழுந்தூர் செய்திகள்

To day is Adi swathi, the birth star of Sri Garuthman. Because of activities on this Swathi at Sri Ahobila Matam, Thiruppullani, there was delay for thatheeyaaraadhanam which took place by 4 PM. And tired he was, HH initially postponed his anugraha bhashanam to tomorrow. But within minutes, he changed his decision, sent for me at my “house” and delivered his anugraha bhashanam. The reason for changing his decision was told by HH himself during the anugraha bhashanam itself.

And on this Adi swathi day, there will be a grand thirumanjanam in the evening  for the Garudan on the Isanya corner of the Temple wall – more popularly known as moolai garudan. Thirumanjanam for moolai garudan is performed only in a very few places like Thiruppullani, Thirukoshtiyur, Alwar Thirunagari etc. While we were enjoying the thirumanjanam, quite surprisingly Periya Azhakiasingar turned up there on his wheel chair and was enjoying it till the end (nearly 40 minutes) . He was so involved in it and immediately asked the temple authorities to perform thirumanjanam on next Swathi. Eventhough, so far thirumanjanam for moolai Garudan is performed only on Adi Swathi, the temple authorities immediately accepted . So next Swathi nakshathram will be a special as far Thiruppullani is concerned and who ever visits Thiruppullani on that day will be grat bhagyasalis. Please plan yourself.

Today’s anugraha bhashanam can be heard on line here.

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Sri Rajagopalan swamy of Mumbai who was fortunate to be at Therazhundur on Thiru Adi Pooram, has shared some videos and photos taken during theertthavari. they are available at