Monday, August 1, 2011

News from Therazhundur

Sri Jagannathachar, ashrama aradhakar, reports from Therazhundur:

On the day of Adi Amavasyai, accepting the request of the kainkaryaparals and disciples, Srimad Andavan, had a holy dip at the Kaveri sangamam at Poompukar near Therazhundur.
Immediately after morning Paduka Araadhanam, accompanied by Ashrama kainkaryaparaLs and disciples Srimad Andavan went to Poompuhar. En route, there was mangalasasanam at Partthanpalli Temple.
Due to a very heavy crowd, ( Sri E.S. Mukundan swamy of Hyderabad who accompanied Srimad Andavan on that day and who is now at Thiruppullani estimates the crowd around a Lakh) all the vehicles were stopped at a fairly long distance. But being a great Yathi, the Ashrama convoy was allowed to go further. Even then, due to the knee deep sand Srimad Andavan’s vehicle had also to be stopped nearly one KM before the seashore. But Srimad Andavan had a very brisk walk and to help HH, the sun also hid himself behind the clouds and the atmosphere was very pleasant. Even though it was a sudden decision, some how knowing about it, more than 100 srivaishnavaites from the surroundings gathered there determined not to miss the great bhagyam of having the holy dip along with the Acharyan. As soon as they reached the Kaveri – sea  sangamam.point after the sankalpam HH Srimad Andavan had a holy dip alongwith sishyas. Then they moved away by a few hundred yards towards Kaveri river, where tharpanam were done. And they returned to Therazhundur by 11AM. to have the maadhyannika Araadhanam in the ashramam.

Some photos are below

Srimad Andavan proceeding towards sangamam


Performing Sankalpam


And the samudra snaanam