Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rama Rajyam

Some may remember that few months before I started posting a drama " Rama Rajyam" written by the great V.V. Srinivasa Iyengar . I could not continue it for some reasons or other. Normally those few who visit my blog prefer to be silent vistors only. Comments or feed backs will never be posted on my postings here. But contrary to this, I received many personal mails and few phone calls also to continue it. This surprised me and made me to have a second thought on continuing posting it scene by scene. I decided it will be better if I present it in full so that the whole book may be printed at their end and they can enjoy reading it at one breadth as I did on getting the book from my usual resource, the Triplicane platform. And to read anything in print is definitely better than reading on a monitor. So the book is now available as pdf document at scribd.

Sri Delhi Anbil Srinivasan swami sent me 100+ old books to me which reached me yesterday. One among them is " Kannapura Thayar Kanu" (கண்ணபுரத் தாயார் கனு") which is very enjoyable. I wanted to share that also with you all. That is also at scribd in pdf form.

Rama Rajya was published in 1952 and "Kannapura Thayar Kanu" was published in 1964. Please enjoy.

To download please find the links above the documents below.