Friday, July 3, 2009

Learn Tamil Easily

There is a genuine complaint from some of those following my blog postings through Yahoo groups. They are unable to read Tamil and hence unable to understand the messages. I am writing for my blog only and mostly I reproduce or copy some old Srivaishnava Tamil books -- old they are many of them printed before 1950 . So just because there is some difficulty in understanding Tamil, I can not deviate from posting in Tamil only. I do not myself author anything. So I have no choice When an old book is copied it has to be copied as it is. But the contents of these treasure books must reach all and hence those not knowing Tamil must also be enabled. Thanks to Sri Srinivasan Swami of Delhi, who sent me more than 100 old books, I find a small booklet to learn Tamil easily through Devanagari script. I have uploaded the book to my online storage. Interested may download the same and learn Tamil.

Learn Tamil