Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Easily capture your screen

You are surfing on the net. Some web pages attract you. You want to save the whole page or a region. Or you want to annotate or do some art work in that page. Print Screen provided by default with windows key board is useful for capturing the page. But for most of us it is not very friendly. So many of us download and install softwares either free or paid versions for this purpose. Now here comes another utility. You need not download or install anything. Aviary comes to your help. Whenever you want to take a screen shot of a web page, just go the address bar add before the web site url and hit enter. Within seconds the captured page will open in aviary editor where you can make your changes and save it. For example if you want to save this page add before ( and hit enter. And you can have some more utilities at .You have to create an account. It is a freeware.