Saturday, July 30, 2011

அழகியசிங்கர் அருளமுது 13

Is dharma sasthram exclusively for men only? Does it not applicable to ladies? what is a sagothram? is it the same as we now consider? Is sweekaram of a girl child is accepted? Today’s anugraha bhashanam must must must reach everybody. adiyen request those who listen to these dharma sasthrams to please make others also learn them. In fact what HH said on sagothram may not be known to anybody. And with today’s anugraha bhashanam, HH concluded Dharama sasthra vicharam and said from tomorrow he will switch over to a new subject. we are very very fortunate as after the anugraha bhashanam, HH answers so many questions on different topics like an old lady complaining that the present day girls always like foods like pitza etc., some non-brahmin visiting at that time asking for their duties etc.

And as usual, adiyen request your excuses. adiyen’s mobile suddenly had its last breath just when the anugraha bhashanam commenced. And so adiyen was compelled to use the mobile of one of those present there. Since a few calls were received during the time (even though they were rejected) there were few breaks in recording. Hece at some places, audi will be jumping at two or three places. Is it perhaps because it is the 13th one?

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