Friday, July 29, 2011

அழகியசிங்கர் அருளமுது 12

What is kasi yathra in our marriages? How should a sishya behave? Answers are in the anugraha bhashanam of HH 46th Jeeyar delivered today, the 29th july. Knowing from the feed backs adiyen receive daily that his message reaches several hundreds daily , a few among them realising the importance of our dharma sasthrams, HH, a totally compassionate, is very happy and spares more time than the duration originally permitted by him. Despite his busy routines,  HH gives more importance to the session, which is our bhagyam. It shows his karunyam to uplift us, to protect us from the paapams we accrue daily without adhereing to sasthrams, knowingly or unknowingly.
the 12th anugraha bhashanam (23-7-11) can be listened to at
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5 AM /30-7-2011
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