Monday, April 26, 2010

Sri Laksmi Sahasram

Is it possible for anybody to make an ignorant like adiyen to fully understand and enjoy  the great and rich "Lakshmi Sahasram" and also make to memorize side by side? can a person like adiyen who have no snana praapthi even with Sanskrit can immerse in it? " Who said it is impossible?" is the answer from Navalpakkam Sri Dr. Kannan swami who needs no introduction to the world of Srivaishnavas and whose mastery over Tamil, Sanskrit and English is very well known to the world. To enable everybody to enjoy the great work of Sri Kavi Venkatadhvari he has very recently released a set of 5 cds on "Lakshmi Sahasram" in very simple Tamil. The set is very reasonably priced at Rs.350 and can be had from Sri M.S. Ravindranath, 1746/2-2, 3rd Cross, Rama Mohanapuram, Bangalore- 560 021. Ph 080- 23321413.  Sri Dr. M.S. Sanathkumara has rendered the Sthothras in an enchanting tone and metre.Just for realising the quality, a sample has been added here. Adiyen beg Dr. Kannan swami to pardon me as adiyen is acting against what has been said in the CD cover " Stealing is a sin. Copying is stealing. Mahalakshmi dislikes stealing"  But this is a kind of anxiety to make the world know that a great work is available to be enjoyed. Please approach Sri Ravindranath for Cds.

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Part 1 Sample
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