Friday, September 2, 2011

HH Azhakiasingar’s anugraha bhashanam on 1-9-2011

Sri Sudarsana Srinivasan, of Nanganallur and working at Bangaluru, is one among the persons whom adiyen admire most. On earlier occasions adiyen made some references about him. He was one among those who were at Thiruppullani on the day of sethu snanam by HH Azhakiasingars and also attended the anugraha bhashanam in the evening. Sensing some communication difficulty (as the uploading of the anugraha bhashanam was delayed) Sri Sudarsan voluntarly sent the anugraha bhashanam that he recorded. adiyen thank him very much for this help which in turn enabled me to share with you all’

As usual, it can be heard on line here


For those who want to download and listening to it leisurely the link is here