Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Elders Bless them and others pray for the continuous kainkaryam

Thai amavasai being one of the holiest days, several devotees from far and near Thiruppullani converged at Thiruppullani today to have a holy dip at Adhi Sethu and performed Pithru tharppanam. Unlike Adi amavasai, when several thousands of villagers used to bathe at Sethu, on Thai Amavasai day the crowd will be much less and the sevarthis will be mostly brahmins as the villagers will be very busy with harvest season. And this year, since it was a working day, only a few hundred turned up.

At Srirangam Srimad Andavan Ashramam, special thatheeyaaraadhanam was performed . Pammal Sri Gopu aka Gopalakrishnan, son of Thiruppullani Bruhaspathi Sri Bhashyam Iyengar who was also the muthradhikari of Thiruppullani Sri Ahobila Mutt, is sponsoring the thatheeyaaraadhanam on Thai and Adi amavasyas for the past several years. His kainkaryam is being ably assisted by a team of dedicated volunteers headed by bruhaspathi pozhicchalur vasu and Narasimman. 

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This is that team that assist Sri Gopu. None of them is a professional cook. Many of them are in good positions in Government service. Their affection for Gopu and his family and their aathmaartha santhosham they derive in thatheeyaaraadhana kainkaryam are the only reason for their volunteering the kainkaryam. Elders please bless them and also Sri Gopu and his family.

Photos taken at the time of The Aseervatham immediately after thatheeyaaraadhnam can be seen here.