Monday, November 9, 2009

Sri Paduka Sahasram – intro by Sri Kesava Iyengar

         Few visitors who log on to this blog regularly may remember that adiyen was posting the introduction to Paduka Sahasram by Sri Kesava Iyengar  here. Due to some reasons or other adiyen suspended posting the same.  Now that “Thirupaadukamaalai” is completed , adiyen resume the intro from where adiyen stopped it. To recollect you can either click on the “Paduka sahasram” label on the right hand side panel here or go to  to directly read the last posting in January 2009.  Now to Sri R. Kesava Iyengar’s





Service to God's” foot" is perennial food of Paduka.

.   Not only does the 'foot' ‘redeem’ and affiliate but becomes itself the perennial food of the redeemed soul (Paduka). The "eater" (atta) in justice becomes the "food" (anna) in mercy. "I am the eater of the food" is the sacred chorus of Paduka as sung by the author in Nadapaddhati. (29^) The whole of Nadapaddhati is resonant with that joy-- the one joy of eternal service to ~ the 'foot' of God. It is the experience in all percipience and glory of the supremacy and sovereignty of service to God. The Veda has declared that God's primacy and ultimacy inheres in God's "foot" to emphasise the supremacy and sovereignty of service to God as the summum bonum of souls. It is in that "foot" that God integrates redeemed souls in their eternal service to that “Foot” (30).

God’s Foot Crown of Paduka—Paduka Crown of universe
Rama raj and Padukaraj

Service to the 'foot' of God in fellowship with the servants of God is the very crown of human fulfillment. Paduka is that crown and it is the crown of the universe. If Paduka is the crown of universe the universe God's Foot is the crown of Paduka. The universe is one God-raj. It is true raj, good raj, and beautiful raj. It is the ray of universal oneness which ensures the happiness of the entire universe. It is the Ramaraj of Valmiki. It is the Padukaraj of the present author.


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