Wednesday, July 6, 2016

சொல்லாமல் சொன்ன இராமாயணம்

Due to some technical difficulties I was unable to download last week’s episode of “Sollamal sonna Ramayanam”. Thanks to the help of Sri Ravi of Adayar, Chennai, only today I could download upanyasams held last week and this Monday. I have uploaded after editing. Those who regularly follow this blog to listen to the upanyasams may kindly bear with me.

Tele-upanyasam dated 27-06-2016
(End of Ayodhya Khandam)!AhaOONCkz1YkkXz27uLE4bCZP6Ep

Tele-upanyasam dated 04-07-2016!AhaOONCkz1YkkX10Rx3ewD_aBqU4