Monday, August 6, 2012

Guru Paramparai vaibhavam dtd 6-8-2012

A caution at the outset
This episode is numbered as 100 but it is not the 100th tele-upanyasam in this series. In the early stage adiyen had committed some mistakes by which some upanyasams in duplicate are added in the list. For example 1 and 3 are the same. adiyen noticed these defects only when adiyen was under “house arrest” at Triplicane during July 2012. Due to certain difficulties, adiyen was unable to correct them immediately. Actually today’s upanyasam must be either 96th or 97th upanyasam as there was no upanyasams on three Mondays in between. adiyen will correct them as early as possible. Kindly bear with me. But adiyen is hopeful that the listeners do not care for the numbers and they will expect this to continue as long as possible.
Today (06-08-2012) is the varshika kaimkarya dhinam of HH Srimad Therazhundur Andavan and hence Natteri swamy continues the Therazhundur Andavan anubhavam today also and completes it. Enjoy the great gnaana vairagya nithi HH Srimad Therazhundur Andavan this week also.
The mediafire link to download is here