Monday, October 17, 2011

“Srimad Rahasyathrayasaram” commentary by Sri V.K.Ramanujachariyar --- the final part

The last portion of the commentary of Sri V.K. Ramanujachariyar on “Srimad Rahasyathrayasaram” is available at

In the above pdf, some characters are lost when adiyen tried to split the pages before making a pdf (for purposes of easy reading). Because adiyen scanned the xerox pages of the book from Sri Anakaputhur Rangachari swamy, splitting can not be perfectly made.

Hence another pdf without splitting is available at

YOU MAY DOWNLOAD as per your choice.

adiyen will combine all of the files uploaded and present as a single pdf as early as possible.

adiyen arrived at Thiruppullani this morning to exercise my vote and will be back at Chennai tomorrow morning.

Sri Aravamuthan swami has handed over some books and D.Ramaswamy Iyengar’s commentary on “Amalanathi Piran” is one among them. It is in English and adiyen will begin to share that with you all from tomorrow.