Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Video Surf

This is an extract from one of my favourite blogs, Instant Fundas .

 Think of all the hours of your life you have wasted watching totally irrelevant videos because there was no way you could know what a video contains without watching them.
But wait, there is a way. It’s called VideoSurf. It’s a Firefox addon that adds video summaries of online videos by displaying selected thumbnails from the most important scenes in the video. VideoSurf embeds these thumbnails right on a search engine’s results page so that you don’t even have to navigate away from the page.
The screenshot above shows how a video summary looks like. Even timestamps are added to each thumbnail. When watching videos on YouTube, clicking on a thumbnail will skip the video directly to that particular frame.
VideoSurf also displays related videos on Google, Bing and Yahoo search results pages. The ability to hide adult videos is a thoughtful addition to this useful browser extension.
VideoSurf works across dozens of sites including YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter and more.