Saturday, September 19, 2009

Downloading Youtube videos is very easy now

Daily we are receiving so many youtube videos and many of them, like the ones Mumbai Sri Veeraraghavan uploads, are worthy of saving to our hard disk for repeated playback and enjoying them with family and friends. But for dwnloading and saving we need some other applications either shareware or freeware. Many of them have their own limitations. Now for our convenience here comes another facility. This is not an application which requires no installation.You need to "kick" the youtube for this. Please go to  (Just add "kick" before youtube) and hit enter. In the opening window you can find a search option as shown here.

 Just enter the url of the youtube video, if you know it. Most often we can not remember. Just add the name. For example  ramaswamy43 and search Immediately beneath the search window you can find all the videos Our Veeraraghavan mama has uploaded. Select a video of your choice and hit "Kick" button on the right of the selected window. You will observe a row appearing above the window with various options for saving.

 Select a format of your choice to save and hit the "Go" button (Green) on the right extreme of the bar and within seconds this"Go" button will turn into a blue "Down" button.
Hit it  and that's all. The download will immediately begin. If you have a download manager like Download Accelerator Plus  downloading will be very fast.