Thursday, December 10, 2009

Padhuka sahasram

“Politics” (continuing from the last posting)

That is the fate to which politics has been condemned by those engaged in it. It is not the work of a day,but is  the result of the accumulated sin of man committed in the course of centuries. No one man or group of men, secular or religious in particular.,more than another is to be blamed forit. It is common to all men and groups of men and they have all to share it alike. It is the rivalry between man and man, individually and in cliques, that has taken this ghastly form and brought about this tragic result The history of politics has for ages been the history of man's plots and intrigues against man. It has been the history of exploitations and usurpations of man by man, by force if he could, by fraud if he could not. Man first started the " game" by usurping God: for God was felt to be the common rival of all men, and therethey joined some in 'society', some in Contract'. (in which perhaps 'social contract' originated in getting rid of that comnnon rival and taking his "place". Some took it in place of God, others in denial of God. Both, however, took it liar themselves In that displacement God's omni~presence was usurped by man's ubiquitousness. In that ubiquitousness man has constituted the world a "theocracy" of his own. That theocracy became his religion. To some that religion was 'cuius est religio eius est regio' (whose isthe religion, his is the region). To others it was 'cuius est regio eius est religio' (Whose is the region, his is the religon). That is the religion as much of theocratic politics as of political theocracy.If theocracy is mediaeval politics, politics is modern theocracy. Each Is a'civitas dei', the one of the 'scholastic' types, the other of the 'round table' type. Each asserts its exclusive claim to the 'regio and its religio is the religion of that assertion That assertion is aggression. The odium of al poiltics, whether religious or secular, mediaeval or modern, is the odium of the. assertion of tha claim and of the aggression of that religion. That religion, though it looks like two, as the formula would suggest, is really one, and regionisrn is that one religion. That is the theocracy of the'regional' man. The law of that theocracy is as it must be regional - the law of regional trespass ant regional expansion. In that trespass and expansion man became a law unto himself, effected the repeal cl God's law, and constituted his exclusive theocracy in an autonomy of his own.  The warning voice of saints and sages against the constitution of that theocracy was wholly unheeded. Fictions and fables exploded by the mightiest of minds and the noblest of souls were ruthlessly explored and fanatically resurrected and constituted into states, and empires, and enforced as laws, national and international. Apostacy, in the true sense of the word, became the foundation of the legislative competency of man. It is the apostasy from God's law to man's code, the apostacy from truth to convention, the apostacy from status. to contract. The great legal maxim "communis error facit jus" (common error makes law) was the magna carte of that omnicompetence- the omnicompetence for trespass and usurpation of man by man in groups Those groups became states and they grouped themselves in internecine rivalry. It is that magna carte that has conferred on man the magnificent rights, in an International sense, of jus Immittendl, occupatio, usurpatio and in recent times of what may be termed 'oculatlo' The political achievement of man is the achievement, under the aegis that rnagna carta, of the freedom to function in the autonomy of that ubiquitous omnicompetance. It is the achievement of man's manumission from the protecting hand of God and of his passing into his own grabbing menus. It Is the political evolution of "a mob got to believe in its own divine right by demagogic missionaries, capable of  a  more thorough work than any single tyrant puffed up with the same illusion has ever achieved(41) in the words of Prof. Huxley. The 'demagogic missionaries' have in that evolution joined hands with dictatorial evangelists. State is the theocracy of those missionaries and evangelists. It is the glory of that theocracy that man has begun to sing in rival concerts of self-exultation. Thanks to the ministrations of the great god Boost, mankind is being very freely and altruistically glutted with counterfeit philosophy to such fullness as to leave in him very little appetite for genuine knowledge or true vision. Carlyle is said to have characterised the "pclltlcal" speeches of Gladstone and Disraeli as "the groanings of two old bag pipes". It was a charaeterisation. not of the two giants, but of their "political" propaganda. If the political speeches of Gladstone and Disraeli were to be so characterized it is feared that even Carlyle's words would fail him in his attempt to characterise the 'groanlngs" of the political thumpers of today.

(41): Evolution and Ethics Prolegomena.

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